Get high caliber targeted recruits for your business

We leverage innovative recruiting methods and industry leading technology to source, vet, and deliver high caliber recruits to your business.

Data driven results

You want to spend your time growing your business, NOT dealing with the massive headache of recruiting.

But you have to recruit in order to grow, so where do you start?

What do you do when the Indeed leads are not enough and your sales team isn't excited about referrals?

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We make finding recruits for your business easy

We provide personalized, authentic outreach to your ideal candidates through targeted channels, getting interested candidates' information sent straight to your phone.

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We find the recruits you want where they actually are (not on Indeed)

Customized outreach for your business
Lead notifications in real time
Weekly progress reports
Customized Outreach
for your business

We craft tailored outreach based on the specifics of your business and the opportunity you are hiring for.

Lead Notifications
in real time

We will notify you the second a prospect has expressed interest in working for you so you can contact them accordingly.

Weekly Progress

We send you comprehensive reports on a weekly basis that highlight key metrics, targets, and results.

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Jonathan Castell

CEO & Co-Founder

Andrew Evans

CTO & Co-Founder

Miranda Summers

Head of Marketing

We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing your business

Setup & account optimization
Customized recruiting scripts for your team
Sourcing target prospects from your ideal universities
100+ outreach messages sent from your account each week
All follow up and responses with respective leads done for you
10-35 interested candidates per account per month
Weekly reports showing key recruiting metrics
Real time lead notifications
Lifetime access to leads
Dedicated account manager
Monthly consultation call with G2S team
Bonus: 3 months of Knockstar University for free

Explore an easier recruiting experience

Make the jump simple.

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